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The Port-A-Cool® Hurricane 3600 is a portable evaporative cooling unit that can lower temperatures up to 10ºC and provides 25.000m3/h airflow. The 36-inch evaporative cooler unit utilizes high-efficiency cooling pads (6) and water to naturally cool up to 325 square meter. The 2014 enhanced design features a digital control panel with easy-touch buttons for operation and status displays, blue blades, and requires 11.4 amps for pump and motor operation.


It features a variable-speed motor, low-water shut-off, digital touch control panel buttons, 253 liter water capacity, dual water fill with hose hookup or manual tank fill, and 6-inch heavy-duty casters. 

The unit requires no chemicals or refrigerants to produce cool air output and has a one-piece molded polyethylene housing that is rust-free and leak-proof. 

This evaporative cooler is available in black or a special order color, the evaporative cooler weighs 122 kg and has a digital display panel that indicates low water, temperature, and timer. It comes with a two-year warranty and is now available for the European market, including the CE-Certificate.


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