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Cooling open spaces in industrial warehouses, production areas and workshops

Cooling is moveable so it can be used effectively
Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers are mobile cooling units so they can be placed just where the cooling is needed and expensive installation costs are avoided by only cooling the work areas.  Small units can be positioned near a window, blowing cooled air directly into the room.  Larger units can blow air into a central location. 
The Port-A-Cool units’ robust construction and portability means they will provide cooling for ongoing years and will be an asset that can move with your growing business.  Additional units can be added at any time.  
Simply fill with water connect to a 10A power point and roll the unit into the area where cooling is required and direct the cool air via the louvres. Some of the models can work up to eight our without being connected to the water hose.
Maintenance can be carried out in-house and safely at ground level.  You can pack away your portable cooling unit for winter. 

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