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Port-A-Cool Italy
Many of our clients keep the Port-A-Cool evaporative cooler mobile. For them it is easy to move the unit to where the cooling is wanted. There are also customers who want to install the evaporative cooler. This can happen in for example a logistics center when a mobile unit can be in the way. An option is to lift the Port-A-Cool units and install them on a platform at a place where the Port-A-Cool units are not blocking traffic. In this case you can see wall-mounted evaporative coolers. The cool air will come down in an area of aprox. 250sqm.

The cooling effect of the Port-A-Cool coolers are not affected by the wall-mounted installation there the cold air always comes down. To control the unit Life´s Cool Europe and the European distributor have developed a remote control as option to control the unit from a larger distance. 
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