Installation and maintenance of the Port-A-Cool® evaporative cooler

Installation of the PORT-A-COOL® unit
The PORT-A-COOL® evaporative is very easy to install, below we explain the measurement you have to take before you can enjoy the coolness of the PORT-A-COOL® evaporative cooler.

Unpacking the PORT-A-COOL® unit
The standard Cyclone, JetStream, 24”, 36” and 48” models are shipped completely assembled and sitting on a plastic pallet with a large cover box strapped over the PORT-A-COOL® unit. The 16” model PORT-A-COOL® units are shipped in an enclosed corrugated box and need only to be removed from the box. 
Connecting the water and electricity
Water can be provided by a watertank (16” model or extra tank) or via the traditional water connection. An European garden hose (exclusive with the PORT-A-COOL®) can be connected constantly to the water connection, water will not enter when the tank is full. Or the machines work several hours on the water inside of the tank. All PORT-A-COOL®s are foreseen of 220volt and CE for the European market.

Placement of the PORT-A-COOL® unit

PORT-A-COOL® unit should be used in well-ventilated areas only.
There are three primary considerations when decidiing where to place the PORT-A-COOL ® unit.
1. Fresh Air Supply – The inlet side of the PORT-A-COOL® unit (pad side) must be placed so as to insure that a smooth, uninterrupted supply of fresh air is available.
2. Air Pattem – The cool air discharged from (fan side) the PORT-A-COOL® unit should have a clear area in which to circulate, being as free of obstructions possible
3. Ventilation (Exhaust) – There should be a defined place in which the air from the PORT-A-COOL® unit can be exhausted from the area being cooled. This is to prevent the PORT-A-COOL® unit from recirculating air that has already been through the cooling process. 

Filling with water
Once the sump tank is full, the float valve will shut off the supply flow. On the 16” filler cart model fill the 80 liter tank reservoir referring to the sight glass on the front of the reservoir for filling amounts. When turning on the pump, the supply of water flow will be restarted. The new JetStream 1600 and 2400 have a tank of 153 and 186 liter, this guarantees the use of the cooler for at least 10 hours without the need to refill the water tank.
Once the sump tank is full, moving the pump swith on the ´ON´ position will turn on the pump. The water will be wetting the cooling pads.

Starting the fan
Starting the fan is as simple as turning on the switch on the desired speed and level of cooling. It is preferred to step slowly to the maximum speed of the machine. When turning off the fan, the pump should be turned off about 15 minutes before the fan, to allow the cooling pads to dry. This will increase the life of the pads. 
Maintenance & storage
a. Daily maintenance
Daily maintenance is really more an oprational consideration than actual maintenance. On a daily basis, the pump should be turned off approximately 15 minutes before the fan is turned off.
b. Weekly maintenance
Once a week it is recommended to shut down the machine to drain the sump tank. Closing the Spray Bar Adjustment Valve and opening the Drain Valve accomplish this. A hose can be attached to the Drain Valve to direct the drained water to a remote disposal area. Once the Drain Valve is open, starting the pump will drain the unit. In a dusty environment the dirt and any remaining water may be vacuumed out ousing a wet/dry shop vacuum and wiped clean with a cloth.
c. Storage
Storage of the PORT-A-COOL® unit is very simple.
1. Drain all the water from the sump tank and clean as above, ensuring that the pads and sump are completely dry.
2. Roll up the electrical power cord and secure it to ensure that it will not be rolled over, tripped over or caught in equipment
3. Cover the PORT-A-COOL® unit completely to prevent dust build-up and store in a dry area.
For further details please contact:
Life’s Cool Europe, s.l.
Diputació, 475, bjs. // 08013-Barcelona
T-93 231 28 10 // Fax – 93 231 14 76

or take a look at the website

Port-A-Cool Explosion Proof Units Offer Cooling Alternative

Offshore drilling rigs are exposed to some of the most severe environments imaginable. High levels of humidity and salt spray must be continually battled to ensure metal surfaces escape corrosion and permanent damage. No matter what the weather brings, rig operators are challenged every day to protect equipment from environmental damage by repairing or applying protective coatings to equipment. In addition to dealing with the weather, rig operators must take the necessary precautions to avoid potential explosions from the hazardous environments where they work.

Hazardous locations are areas where a potential for explosion and fire are a constant threat due to flammable gases, vapors, or finely pulverized dust in the air. Easily ignitable fibers or flyings might also pose a threat for explosion. Hazardous locations may result from the normal processing of certain volatile chemicals, gases, grains, or accidental failure of storage systems for these materials. Whatever the cause, it is necessary that every precaution be taken to guard against ignition of the atmosphere. So, what can a rig operator do to keep workers cool?

PAC-48 explosion proof

The explosion-proof models manufactured by Port-A-Cool portable evaporative cooling units can help rig operators meet this challenge. The 36-inch or 48-inch explosion proof/hazardous location models were specially developed by Port-A-Cool for use on offshore platforms. Electrical components can be a source of ignition for these hazardous location areas, but Port-A-Cool explosion proof models feature sealed switches, cords and motors to prevent sparking and accidental explosion in highly-combustible areas. In addition, the unit housings are rotationally molded and are leak and rust proof, preventing the rust and deterioration found in metal cooling systems.

The 36-inch explosion proof model is a best seller. cools 250 square meter and delivers 9,600 CFM. The 48-inch explosion proof model cools a large 325 square meter, delivers 17,500 CFM, and comes standard with heavy duty casters for extra mobility. Both models lower the temperature an average of 8 to 15°C.

Check the website of Port-A-Cool for more information on the 36" model. For questions please contact our European sales office

Find your ideal evaporative cooler

Compare Products
Pick a Port-A-Cool®
Product Cooling Capacity Description
PAC2K16HPVSFC 90 m2 Variable speed, heavy duty, 1/3HP with 80-liter filler cart
PAC2K16HPVS 90 m2 Variable speed, heavy duty, 1/3HP
PAC2K24HP 167 m2 Variable speed, high performance
PAC2K36HP 246 m2 Variable speed, high performance
PAC2K48S 325 m2 One speed, 1HP
Wich Port-A-Cool® is right for you?
I want to cool You Need a
90 m2 16 inch variable speed PAC2K16HPVS
167 m2 24 inch variable speed PAC2K24HP
246 m2 36 inch variable speed PAC2K36HP
325 m2 48 inch two speed PAC2K48S
Need to cool more area? Try combining units for maximum cooling coverage.
Need intense spot cooling? Try combining optional ducting with your 16" Port-A-Cool®

Port-A-Cool 36 inch high performance: PAC36HPVS

36 inch high performance
36" 1/2 HP
High performance Variable Speed Cools 246 m2
  • Heavy duty 1/2 horsepower motor

  • Almost maintenance-free operation

  • Flexible capabilities for ducting

  • Shipped completely assembled and ready to operate, right out of the box

  • Operates for cents a day, a fraction of air conditioning

  • Environmental friendly with efficient / effective resource use

  • Unit & water supply are both portable

  • Durable one-piece molded plastic poly- ethylene housing

  • Energy Efficient Motor and pump

  • Cooling is accomplished naturally through process of evaporation

  • In Europe available with CE-mark and 220V electricity

  • 36 inch

    Portable evaporative cooling units

    Portable evaporative cooling units

    Applications Port-A-Cool: Spot cool tight repairs spaces or cool an entire hangar

    Cooling Aviation
    Spot cool tight repairs spaces or cool an entire hangar.
    The stifling heat of summer can make aircraft maintenace unbearable, but Port-A-Cool® units can reduce temperature by an average of 7 degrees.
  • Mechanic areas

  • Aircraft Repair

  • Commercial & Private Hangars

  • Baggage Handling

  • Recreational areas

  • Utilize hangar areas all year with Port-A-Cool® units, keep the doors and windows open for best results.
  • Operates on tap water and 220v of electricity.

  • Choose from five different models and four sizes.

  • All units are mobile for easy spot cooling.

  • 36” High Performance Unit features quiet operation and cools about 246m2.

  • Product catalog Life´s Cool Europe - Port-A-Cool Europe

    Click on the image to see the catalog of Life´s Cool Europe Port-A-Cool coolers.

    For any questions or orders you can contact the sales office of Life´s Cool Europe in Barcelona via e-mail at or by visiting the website

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    Our booth is located in Hall 3 J51, we can show you our lates models the Cyclone 3000 and JetStream 1600 and our all-time best sold model the Port-A-Cool 36".

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