West Coast Customs and the use of mobile adiabatic cooler Port-A-Cool

Since years the popular car tuning television program "West Coast Customs" from the Discovery Channel, is using Port-A-Cool mobile evaporative coolers to cool the employees during the shows. For more information on the Port-A-Cool units please take a look at www.lc-europe.com (for Europe) and at www.port-a-cool.com (international) or watch West Coast Customs at Discovery Channel.

Sales and rentals of mobile cooling equipment for marquees and (outdoor) events

For Sales and rentals of portable evaporative cooling units, to cool your marquee or (outdoor) event, please contact Life´s Cool Europe for European enquiries, for enquiries outside Europe please contact the manufacturer Port-A-Cool. They will be pleased to help you providing data of your local distributor.

Mobile cooling equipment for outdoor cooling and sport events

The adiabatic coolers of Port-A-Cool can be found all around the world, cooling factories, warehouses, car workshops. Because of the effective power and the practical use of these evaporative coolers the Port-A-Cool coolers are used a lot durings sport events and open air events, as well as cooling marquees and parties. Attached you can see the Port-A-Cool being used during an American Football match, many of the teams have several Port-A-Cool portable coolers to cool down the players and staff during the matches and trainings.

To get to know more about the working of evaporative cooling, the advantages of this type of cooling and the best suitable cooling equipment for your cooling needs: please feel free to contact Life´s Cool Europe info@lc-europe.com or take a look at our website www.lc-europe.com

Cooling solution for military applications

The Port-A-Cool mobile evaporative cooler is ideal for military applications and therefore can be seen a lot in various armies and in various applications. The Port-A-Cool adiabatic cooler does not need any installation, just connection to electricity and water and can lower the temperatures up to 20 degrees in an effective, ecological and economical way. 

Various countries have choosen for the advantages of the Port-A-Cool adiabatic coolers and therefor in the whole world at missions, at bases and at trainings the Port-A-Cool takes care of the cooling. Cooling inside the tents, field kitchens, helicopter and aircraft hangers but also in the open air, there the Port-A-Cool works best with ventilation.

On the first two pictures you can see the Port-A-Cool 48 inch evaporative cooler, this adiabatic cooler is the biggest cooler in the Port-A-Cool range and able to cool down an area of 325m2. The last picture shows a Port-A-Cool 36 inch (cooling capacity of 250m2), cooling a car workshop during a military mission.

Please feel free to contact us for further information on these or other Port-A-Cool models:
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