Evaporative cooling chicken farm Cyprus

Evaporative coolers of Port-A-Cool can be found in many applications and in different type of installations. Due to the big advantages of applying evaporative coolers (effective, economical and ecological cooling open areas) we have many different of clients, chicken farms, industrial warehouses, car workshops etc. Every client has own heat problems to beat. Port-A-Cool is able to offer a custom-made climate control solution. We can offer installations in case you want to duct the cool air inside your building, or when installations are preferred over the mobile cooling solution. We can offer spot cooling solutions, you do not need to cool the whole building but just focusing the cool air on your employees, animals or machinery. 

Feel free to get to know the opportunities we can offer you to beat the heat:
Life´s Cool Europe (European Headoffice in Barcelona)
Maurice van der Kooij // maurice@lc-europe.com // 0034-932310810

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