Greenhouse climate control evaporative cooling PortACool

The use of evaporative cooling stimulates the growth of the produce, it generates humidity in closed areas and has great cooling effects in open areas (without increase in humidity). 

Greenhouse climate control project from Port-A-Cool in Australia

Evaporative cooling is used a lot in greenhouses, reducing the temperature in an ecological and economical way. Another popular way to cool greenhouse is by using evaporative cooling pad, one of the specialities of Port-A-Cool as market leader as manufacturer of cooling pad media.

In this project you can see a Port-A-Cool 36", the most popular portable evaporative cooler in the market. This model cools up to 246m2, is installation-free (just connecting the water) and is able to reduce the temperature between 5 and 13 degrees Celsius (depending the conditions like temperature, humidity and available ventilation).

Greenhouse climate control project from Port-A-Cool in Australia



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