Portacool Portugal reducing heat stress industrial warehouse

Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers are mobile and installation-free. After receiving the unit, you just need to plug into the electricity and connect the water hose connection. In this example you can see a project where a Port-A-Cool 36” is cooling a large mining area. 
ThePort-A-Cool 36” is our most popular evaporative cooler, cooling a space for aprox. 250m². If you, like in this case, install the unit at a higher platform you will cool also the area down, there cool air drops, while hot air rises. The Port-A-Cool 36” has an air flow of almost 17.000m³/h and a very low energy consumption of 1.200Watt.
The Port-A-Cool 36” in this example is installed in a large mining factory, cooling machinery and employees at different levels of the plant. The unit (without water) weights less than 100kg and due to the mobility is easy to transport and install where-ever the cooling is requested. 
Port-A-Cool offers a wide range of portable evaporative coolers, being able to cool a large amount of applications. Most of the important applications are the industrial warehouses and factories. Many companies face heat problems, due to the heat of ovens, bad and older roofs or because the doors are open. If your company faces heat problems for the employees, Port-A-Cool has an efficient, economical and ecological solution. Due to the mobility of the system, the units can be places where the cooling is required and no installation is needed, the unit is plug-and-play.
We have units that can cool from 45m2 up to 325m2 and combining units, you can creat an ideal working climate during hot summer days. The cooling that can be generated varies on the level of temperature, humidity and ventilation. The more ventilation (the more open or more space the factory has, the better). Higher temperatures and lower humidity help the units to cool more, but also in areas with higher humidity levels we have many (industrial) clients, like for example in Barcelona, Spain.
The pictures above show a and industrial warehouse and a mining factory in Portugal, where Arcoinstal, Port-A-Cool´s Portuguese distributor is cooling some industrial workplaces with a Port-A-Cool 36".

Please feel free to contact us for more information:
Port-A-Cool dealer Ameno in Portugal: comercial@arcoinstal.com // www.arcoinstal.com

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