Temperature control outdoor event with evaporative cooler

Since the beginning of 2009 Life´s Cool Europe and Perfect Cool work closely together in marketing the Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers in Hungary. With Perfect Cool Life´s Cool Europe is very happy to find an innovative progressive company, in the Hungarian HVAC market. Below pictures give an insight in how Perfect Cool is marketing the Port-A-Cool products. The first picture shows how the Port-A-Cool is able to cool an outdoor event , the other picture shows one of the biggest uses of Port-A-Cool: cooling a marquee during an event, a very effective and economical cooling solution.

Perfect Cool cooling outdoor event

Perfect Cool cooling marquee

We invite you to take a look at the website of Perfect Cool: www.perfectcool.hu. For any questions or quotes for Hungary please contact them sending an e-mail to info@perfectcool.hu. 


For quotes and questions concerning other European countries please contact Life´s Cool Europe to find out who your local distributor is. www.lc-europe.com or by e-mail info@lc-europe.com


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