Large evaporative coolers workshop cooling solution

PORT-A-COOL®´s operating costs are much lower than those of a central air conditioner. The initial equipment cost is also lower than air conditioners. Along with lower operating costs and simple installation, evaporative cooling can be a perfect, ozone-friendly alternative to traditional air conditioning.

It operates at a 10th of the cost of conventional airconditioning and is capable of cooling hundreds of square meters 7 degrees or more, saving PORT-A-COOL® customers hundreds, or even thousands euros per season!
Since PORT-A-COOL® is a state of the art, high efficiency, portable evaporative cooling system, its high efficiency cooling media coupled with a unique housing design, allows PORT-A-COOL® to cool effectively in very high relative humidity conditions. Since, as its name implies, it is portable, PORT-A-COOL® can be easily moved around shops, factories, back yards, sporting events and hundreds of other areas for maximum effectiveness, comfort and increased productivity. PORT-A-COOL® uses a specially designed ridged cooling media, contained in a properly designed housing to insure effective direction of the air over the water saturated media at the proper air velocity. 

PORT-A-COOL® has hundreds of applications, the area needs to be well ventilated, the more ventilation the better the PORT-A-COOL® will work. When there is no ventilation, there will be an increase of humidity, with ventilation there won´t be an increase in humidity.
Some of the main applications of the PORT-A-COOL® are:
• Automotive; workshops, garages OSHA studies show that worker productivity
improves with cooler working environments. 

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