Cooling open spaces in industrial warehouses

Cooling open spaces in industrial warehouses, production areas and workshops

Evaporative Cooling vs Air Conditioning - a cost effective solution
In office spaces the solution is easy, simply install an airconditioning systems.  However, there are many places where the installation and operation of air-conditioning is impractical or too expensive.  For these situations the solution can be portable evaporative coolers. 
Evaporative cooling is very efficient, with low electricity usage.  The only energy required is to power the fan that moves the air over the evaporator and a pump that moves the water.  The Port-A-Cool portable evaporative cooler needs only water and electricity to operate, consuming approximately only 10% of energy that traditional airconditioning uses.
Thus evaporative coolers provide a low-cost, low technology alternative to refrigerated air conditioning.   Normal air conditioning is a closed system, taking air from inside a building and recycling it.  For air conditioning to function properly, doors and windows should be closed.  Evaporative cooling, however, takes air from the outside.

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