Portable Air Conditioning Units for Aircraft Hangars

On hot days hangers can become uncomfortably hot especially for work personnel wearing overalls. Improve productivity and reduce fatigue with a Port-A-Cool fan today.

Spot cool tight repairs spaces or cool an entire hangar.

The stifling heat of summer can make aircraft maintenace unbearable, but Port-A-Cool® units can reduce temperature by an average of 7 degrees.

  • Mechanic areas
  • Aircraft Repair
  • Commercial & Private Hangars
  • Baggage Handling
  • Recreational areas

Utilize hangar areas all year with Port-A-Cool® units, keep the doors and windows open for best results.

  • Operates on tap water and 220v of electricity.
  • Choose from five different models and four sizes.
  • All units are mobile for easy spot cooling.
  • 36” High Performance Unit features quiet operation and cools about 246m2.


If you want wellness at your enterprise, warehouses, industrial manufacturing, repair center, garage, oil change center, workshops, hangars, dining patios, and do your work place a nicer place, contact me. I will be glad to attend you.

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