Evaporative cooling cooling solution for car workshop

Due to its mobility and effectiveness in open, well-ventilated spaces the Port-A-Cool portable evaporative coolers are a popular cooling media in a big variety of sectors. In both pictures you can see the Port-A-Cool 36" spot cooling a car worskhop, just cooling the area where the employees work and where the cooling is requested or needed.

Most popular evaporator in the market: Port-A-Cool 36"

Evaporative cooling pads "Küül Pads" of the Port-A-Cool 36"

Front view of the best selling portable evaporative cooler

The Port-A-Cool 36 inch unit is the best selling unit in the full product range, cooling an area of 250m2.

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Port-A-Cool 36 inch: Cooling solution for outdoor construction applications

The Port-A-Cool 36" evaporative cooler is very efficient in outdoor cooling, installation-free and due its mobility this cooler can cool the workplaces (outside and inside), guaranteeing a more pleasant working environment and a higher productivity.

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Product range overview of mobile evaporative coolers

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New Features of the Port-A-Cool 36"

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Video of Port-A-Cool