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Life´s Cool Europe´s Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers

Port-A-Cool has a wide range of powerful and effective evaporative coolers. Life´s Cool Europe is the proud subdistributor is the proud distributor of Port-A-Cool in Europe with direct disponibility of all models Port-A-Cool in Europe. Next to the website of Life´s Cool Europe and Port-A-Cool, Life´s Cool Europe has developed this and other blogs where you can find more information about the working, advantages and applications of Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers.

For the Spanish speaking consumers we developed a Spanish blog:

Next to these blogs all different products are highlighted in their own blog:

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Special offer Port-A-Cool 36 inch demonstration model

Life´s Cool Europe has a limited amount of demonstration models available which have been used during recent trade shows.

Please contact our sales team for the special prices and conditions at

* units offered by Life´s Cool Europe include CE-mark and work on 220v electricity and are only valid for inside Europe.

Environmental and sustainable cooling with Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers

Be Cool Think Green

Port-A-Cool On Tour: cooling solution for terraces

Port-A-Cool offers solutions for different sectors where heat problems play an important role. Next to industry, automobile and the event industry, the Port-A-Cool can be seen a lot at terraces. Using the Port-A-Cool machine guarantees a pleasant stay for the visitors, more visitors are on the terraces and due to a longer stay consumption and benefits will be higher for the owner.

Indicated picture shows a succesful demostration of the Port-A-Cool-trailer, which cools the terrace of Café Koosje in Breda (The Netherlands). The new Port-A-Cool Cyclone 3000 is the best sold model as terrace cooler, with a capacity of 75m2, easy and effective operation and a low noise level. 

Please feel free to contact the sales team of Life´s Cool Europe to find out which options are suitable for your heat problems.

Port-A-Cool On Tour: Demonstration evaporative cooler industrial warehouse

Life´s Cool Europe, Port-A-Cool and the (inter)national distributors are available for demonstrations in place where the cooling is requested. Please send your contact details to and than a specialist will contact you for further information on our products and to define your cooling needs and to arrange a meeting to show you the effectivity of the Port-A-Cool Coolers.

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