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PORTACOOL - Portable Evaporative Cooler

Worldwide many sports are played in the summer heat, whether it‘s full on competition or pre-season training.  The summer heat can cause heat stress on an athlete's body, which in turn can affect their preparation for that ‘big event’.

One way to cool down during practice or on the sideline is to have a shaded cooling station with a portable evaporative cooler.  This can re-energize players by reducing sideline temperature up to an average of 7 Deg C, thus increasing player welfare and maintaining optimum performance. 

Remember, the chill after swimming on a hot, dry day, then getting out of the water and feeling the wind hitting your wet skin?  That’s evaporative cooling.  Evaporative cooling units replicate this naturally occurring process and can make a hot, uncomfortable environment much more bearable via the constant flow of refreshingly cool air.

Open areas such as basketball courts, sidelines, dugouts, practice areas, gyms, arenas, and workout rooms are all perfect places for the natural cooling of the portable evaporative cooling units.

An added benefit of evaporative cooling is that it works best in the hottest time of the day.  As the temperature outside increases as the sun climbs, the humidity normally drops.  In the early morning, for example, the temperature may be 20 Deg C, with a relative humidity of 60%.  By lunchtime or mid afternoon, when the temperature has gone over 30 Deg C, the humidity may well have dropped to 30% - conditions that make evaporative cooling work more effectively.

The PORTACOOL portable evaporative cooler is ideal with no wet mist, just cool air and it operates on tap water and 220V of electricity. The 16” unit can operate for up to 8 hours without a hose connection.

In the USA PORTACOOL units are used successfully by many NFL teams and sporting clubs and they have experienced positive effects of placing evaporative cooling along the field sidelines where heat plays a negative role on player performance.  PORTACOOL is the official sideline cooler of a number of college and professional sports teams.


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  1. I had no idea that on the sidelines for football that there are 'shaded cooling station with a portable evaporative coolers' that the players use during practice or when they are on the sideline. This definitely helps out the players a lot. This is something that I would want to have playing a sport that makes you sweat this much. Great way to cool down and prepare yourself for the next time you are in.

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