Details from the Port-A-Cool 36 inch evaporative cooler

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Beat the heat with Port-A-Cool in sports

With a Port-A-Cool® portable evaporative cooling unit at work, outside activities like sporting events become more comfortable and enjoyable in spite of summer heat or warmer than comfortable conditions.

On the sidelines, on the field, in the gym or anywhere your athletic interests take you, Port-A-Cool® units provide cooling relief so you can enjoy your sport or keep your players refreshed and in the game. Four fan sizes increase the variety of uses for Port-A-Cool® units and the list of uses for this versatile product are virtually endless. Since Port-A-Cool® units require only 110 or 220 volts and tap water to operate, a unit can be placed almost anywhere and moved easily on casters.

Port-A-Cool® cooling units are offered with a variety of options. Although the large sump tank in the bottom of the unit holds 95 liters water in the 48-inch unit, a portable 180-liter water tank, Port-A-Filler, is available for use with all size units for applications where a nearby water source is not available. Or, you may choose the new JetStream-models, with integrated water tank and a heavy duty Port-A-Cool® unit which can provide several days operation without refilling (ten to welve hours per day) and cools approximately between 100 and 200 square meter of unobstructed area. Also, the four casters, mounted to the bottom of all evaporative coolers, are four-inch diameter swivel casters with a plate which allows for upgrades to larger diameter casters, providing ease of movement on different terrain.

Port-A-Cool® units are now being used worldwide in numerous, diverse applications. Many NFL and college teams use Port-A-Cool® units on the sidelines to cool hot, weary players. Port-A-Cool® units can be used effectively in all these applications plus many more because the unit offers features that are pleasing and beneficial to almost everyone. The units are portable, available in four sizes, easy to operate and maintain, environmentally-friendly and operational cost is affordable while providing cooling wherever it is needed.

For more information on Port-A-Cool® evaporative cooling units for Europe call 0034 – 932 312 810 or visit our website For sales outside Europe please contact the manufacturer Port-A-Cool LLC in Center (Texas, USA), by phone 1-800-695-2942 or or by visiting the website Port-A-Cool® units can solve your cooling challenge.

Cooling solution for agricultural applications
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